ITALIAN UNIVERSITIES are among the oldest and finest university in the world. The medical system in Italy stands at the second position in the world after USA. The structure of the Education system in Italy is more formal, practical based & take place in large lecture Halls. MBBS education is completely free in Italy and is available for all the nationality of the world. Italy has both private and public education system wherein public is fully funded with no fees wherein private universities have very high fees structure. Basically, Italy is famous for its free quality education, top most medical system and one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. With these qualities Italy is one of the best destinations for an Indian student to study mbbs and start practicing In Italy. Mbbs in Italy is of 6 years.
The government of Italy provides the same financial support and scholarship to international students, same as Italian students.
Studying mbbs in Italy is one of the best options for Indian students as they can study in the top ranking universities with free tuition fees, accommodation and earn a great stipend. There are around 98 university in Italy and out of them 30 university featured top rank universities in the world. The MBBS course is an English taught programme.


  • Theapplication to the public international medical universities in Italy takes place once in a year.
  • The process is done on a central website for all the universities wherein you have to apply for the admission process and appear for IMAT entrance exam which happens in India.
  • IMAT consist of 90 marks wherein the curriculum is almost similar to NEET in India, and the best part about it is, though you are an international student for Italy the cutoff is little low as compare to EU students.
  • For example- if you score 25 out of 90 still you are eligible to take admission in one of the reputed universities wherein the same student in India will have a high cutoff and end up getting admission in private university with a very high fees structure.
  • Most of the Govt.Universities in Italy are recognized by MCI, WHO,MINISTRY OF EDUCATION ITALY.
  • The enrollment for IMAT usually closed at the end of July. The entrance exam happens in September month and classes resumes from October mid.
  • Hence if you are looking for a free Tuition fees wave off MBBS you should approach MY COLLEGE KHOJ Team in Jan/Feb to enroll for the entire process.
  • If you want to practice in Italy there is no Exit exam to work as a doctor wherein in India we have NEXT Exit exam for getting license to practice as a doctor (if you study in INDIA still you need to give this EXIT exam).
  • Hence from this year whether you study from any Foreign University or Indian University both the students are given the same preference under NEXT to practice as a Doctor in India.
  • Hence MY COLLEGE KHOJ recommends taking admission in the quality-oriented College only wherein you get the entire required practical approach environment.
  • It should not be theoretical discussion based kind of College.
  • They should have enough Labs and practice tools to demonstrate.
For details on NEXT please contact us on 9970057533
  • We have never seen in our career any student taking a loan to study MBBS in Italy.
  • At My College Khoj we have sufficient options to get 100% scholarship to a student which consist of free tuition fees, free accommodation with meals and a stipend of 5200 Euros every year for the survival for 6 years.
  • Also Indian students are allowed to work in Italy with the student visa for 20 Hours/week during their studies and 40 hours during vacation.
  • We recommend learning Italian language so that you get the best jobs and you can communicate with the patients comfortably.
  • Humanitas university
  • University of Milan
  • University of Pisa
  • University of Bari
  • University of Florence
  • University of Turin
  • Biomedical university of Rome
  • University of studies, Udine
  • University of Bologna
  • Passport minimum of 18 months validity
  • 10th standard marksheet
  • 12th standard marksheet
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport size photo
  • Letter of acceptance from university
  • Authorization of all the documents from ministry of home affairs, New Delhi
  • Legalization of all the document from Italy embassy
  • Medical test documents
To know more about MBBS in Italy in detail please get in touch with our MBBS Counselor on 9970057533 and avail free personal counseling either on call or via video Conferencing.

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