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The beautiful country of Italy is situated in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, and enjoys a rich blend of culture, cuisine, history and art.
The country is lined up with ancient ruins from the era of the Roman empire, beautiful churches and an infinite number of different historical relics that provide a glimpse into the ancient history of this scenic place.
Italy houses a number of government agency offices, embassies, multinational companies and even international organizations. The country is a boisterous hub of business, research and politics.
The lifestyle in Italy is pretty exciting with endless national and international events being conducted in the country on a daily basis.
Among all this, Italy is one of the most preferred places for an international education around the globe.
One of the very first universities in the Western world was first established here in Italy.
15 of the top 200 universities in the world are located in the country of Italy, and that is no small feat.
There are almost 97 universities in Italy, that include State universities, public institutes and private universities among them.

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My College Khoj Abroad is one of the leading names when it is about creating bright futures for students abroad. Being your partner for overseas education, you get a large number of benefits that are in store for you.
We are associated with Institutes that are some of the most renowned ones, offering a great balance between academic quality and great infrastructure. These Institutes are governed by some of the most amazing brains in the teaching profession.

List of Universities in Italy

Below is a list of some of the best Universities in Italy for making your choice of a great college much easier and hassle-free.
  • Italy for International Studies
    There are many reasons that make Italy one of the most appealing overseas education in the world-
    • Courses in the Italian universities are designed by academics, who collaborate with the experts of the industry, leading to an enhancement in graduate employability.
    • The commonly used medium of education is in the English language.
    • Intensive Italian programs and the Italian language are taught at all levels of education, from the beginner to advanced level.
    • Students pursuing their education in Italy can easily secure fee waivers, meal tickets and fee housing in order to reduce the overall education and living expenses which is provided by the government to sincere students.
    • Students aspiring to study in Italy do not have to submit the scores of IELTS or TOEFL exams for admission processes into Italian universities. Also, students can stay in Italy for half a year as they look for a job after their education.
    • Students can also do some part-time work for 20 hours in a week while studying in Italy.
  • Why Study In Italy
    • The country of Italy houses some of the oldest universities in the world. It is also the country which is credited with the inception of the Bologna process.
    • For students who have an inclination towards fields like architecture, fashion or art, Italy can prove to be the perfect destination for their international education.
    • There is quite a large migrant population in Italy, making it a vibrant amalgamation of different cultures and traditions. In the European continent, Italy is considered to be one of the most student-friendly places.
    • Italy also has a sophisticated public transportation system that makes it possible for both international and local students to commute within the entire country at very feasible prices.
  • Qualifying Exams
    Apart from IELTS(International English Language Testing System), there is no mandatory examination that needs to be taken in order to pursue a higher education in the country of Italy.
    However, different institutions and universities may have different requirements, or may require students to take certain examinations for eligibility.
  • Cost of education in Italy
    If you are planning to get an education in the country of Italy, the cost of education depends to a large extent, on the different degree programs.
    For an Undergraduate degree, the cost is between 900 to 4000 Euros in a public institution. This goes up to between 6000 and 12,000 Euros for private institutes.
    In terms of the living costs, the expenses range from 650 to 1000 Euros per year, apart from the education costs that are mentioned above.
    Students can also apply for financial help that can cover the tuition fee, rent and living expenses as well.
  • What We Offer
    All parents settle for nothing but the best when it is about getting the perfect education for their children. This is where we chip in with our truly affordable services and help students get connected with their fields of interest.
    As your international education partner, we bring you numerous benefits along with a lot of experience from our guides who provide the perfect counselling to aspiring international students. With some of the most amazing institutes in collaboration with us, students can be sure to gain a superlative exposure without a doubt.
  • Living In Italy
    • Housing for students in Italy is normally managed by offices of the international university that you have chosen.
    • These offices offer a lot of genuine information regarding rental apartments, that tend to be pretty lower than finding an accommodation in the private real estate market.
    • Your selected institution can help you with the different housing guarantees that they provide for international students, because it will always be better than tackling the private rental market on your own.
    • In private accommodations, students rent single rooms rather than the whole apartment to save costs. In larger cities, the living costs can be anywhere between 300-600 Euros in a month. This further depends on the area and location where you decide to live.
    • Normally, the minimum period for rental in Italy is one year, but private rooms can settle for less than that period at a lot of places in Italy.
  • About Italy
    With a warm climate and delightful blue skies, Italy has an amazing climate when compared to its Northern counterparts. The Italian history is loaded with art and intricate architecture, which makes coming into this country an all the more appealing prospect. The beauty in Italy is so surreal, it has inspired a number of poets and artists to mention it in their creations, and that is saying something. Versace, Gucci, Benetton, Armani and Prada are just some of the most amazing brands that originated in Italy.
    The country provides amazing food at pretty affordable prices and is also the resting place of a number of World Heritage Sites under UNESCO.
    The country has 15 of the top 200 universities in the world, which is a testimony to its standing in the international education arena.
  • Visa Process of Italy
    When applying for a visa to get an education in Italy, you first need to select an institute and get their offer letter. After this, you need to figure out the conditions that are required to apply for the visa.
    This can be a couple of blank pages on your passport, no criminal record, and a copy of flight itinerary among some more such conditions.
  • Before you leave
    When you are finally leaving for your higher education in Italy, here are some of the more important things you need to make sure, to make this transition a comfortable one-
    • Ensure that you have reverted your confirmation to the selected institute.
    • Carrying a valid passport is an absolute necessity.
    • Try and get an Italian bank account up and running for ease in transactions.
    • Keep travel and health insurance from a good company in case of your travel.
    • Always be aware of the baggage allowance with your airline.
    • Keep all the important documents with you. Not just the original ones, but get xerox copies done and with you as well.
    • The climate is definitely going to be very different than what you are accustomed to. So, keep that in check as well.

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