Study in France

What makes France one of the most desired countries for students to study abroad

No list to get a quality International education will be complete if France is not a country on it.
There are a number of reasons why students all over the world are getting attracted towards studying in France.
An appealing French lifestyle and good, qualitative education have made France the go-to destination for international education.
With almost 3,00,000 foreign students in the country, French education makes up for almost 10 percent of the country’s college attending population.
In fact, Paris, the capital city of France has constantly been voted the world’s best student city for four years consecutively.
Completing an education in France has a lot of advantages as the country has great international relations, that are helpful in recruiting students internationally.
From a great culture, friendly people, travel, accommodation or health, a lot of benefits and discounts lie in store for international students.
In terms of employment opportunities too, France has a lot to offer, with huge companies like Total, Orange, AirBus, Renault, Capgemini etc. that provide a superb scope for career growth and enhancement.

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  • France For International Studies
    There are a number of amazing reasons why France is a great place for you if you are looking to pursue an international education -
    • French education system has a global recognition base. The award degrees all stick to a common European framework of LMD(License, Master and Doctorate), making it equally recognised everywhere.
    • French education is pretty affordable because the tuition costs are set by the government itself. Moreover, the costs for both domestic and international students are similar, making things all the more easier. Not just quality, French education is price-friendly as well.
    • International students in France have legal permission to work as a part-time employee. This allows you to gain a pretty valuable experience while you are still studying. In a year, students are permitted to work for 964 hours, which makes it about 20 hours in a week. If students are enrolled in a 6 month course, they are then permitted to work for 472 hours!
    • France comes at a healthy sixth position globally in terms of expenditure on development and research. The National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) is the leading research organization in the world, with 16 of 55 medals have been conferred to French nationals.
    • As France is right at the heart of Europe, it is one of the top destinations for tourism and attracts a lot of tourists every year.
  • Why Study In France
    As we know France is a cosmopolitan country, there are various benefits one can attain if he chooses to study in France-
    • Culture and Diversity :- The average cost of tuition fee for UG programs is an approximate 190 EUR for each year.
    • Academic Excellence :- The universities in France are more child centric and focus on the academics more. The country is well known for major courses like Aviation, Tourism, Engineering, Business Management etc. which helps the individual to grow in a better way.
    • Cost of Living :- As the French government grants scholarships and various amenities like cost of living, education etc. Local Students as well as International students can make use of such schemes and can afford their studies in a cheaper way.
    • Placements and opportunities after graduation :- As the economy of France is growing rapidly, it becomes easier for the students of France to find jobs in various industries for their growth.
  • Qualifying Exams
    To satisfy your purpose of studying in France, students need to give a few qualifying examinations. It should be noted that certain exams vary from institution to institution, and this is why it is advisable to have a proper knowledge of the examinations in consideration. Here are some of the exams-
    • TCF(Test de connaissance du francais - Test of Knowledge of French)
    • Le TEF(Test da Evaluation de francais - French assessment test) are the prescribed language tests that need to be taken in order to get admission into colleges in France. These tests can be taken either through their centres in India or even in France.
    • GMAT - Most business schools in France prefer admitting multi-lingual students, and this is why GMAT is a pretty important exam in order to get an admission in French business schools. The test measures English, mathematics and quantitative skills of the students.
    • GRE - There are quite some universities which require a GRE score for admission. It is important to note that the GRE score is not required mandatorily by all institutions.
  • Cost of Studying in France for Indian Students
    The costs involved for getting an education in France is generally in line with some other developed countries.
    • The average cost of tuition fee for UG programs in france is an approximate 190 EUR for each year.
    • Fee for degrees in Engineering are about 620 EUR in a year.
    • For getting a degree in medicine, the tuition fee comes at about 450 EUR a year.
    • The average tuition fee for a PG degree is approximately 360 EUR per year.
    • For getting a PhD degree, the cost ranges at about 396 EUR for a year.
  • Academic Excellence
    The universities in France are more child centric and focus on the academics more. The country is well known for major courses like Aviation, Tourism, Engineering, Business Management etc. which helps the individual to grow in a better way.
  • Cost of Living in france for indian students
    As the economy of France is growing rapidly, it becomes easier for the students of France to find jobs in various industries for their growth.
  • What We Offer
    Students pick the best for themselves when it comes to education. We provide affordable services to the students which helps them to connect to various fields. Being your partner for an abroad education, we bring you countless advantages with some experienced guides who counsel the students well and make them ready to take a breeze of new air. We have some of the best institutes associated with us which offer great exposure to students world wide.
    There are expertise and trainees which guide and train the students in such a way that they are ready to take up any challenge and settle themselves down for their future.
  • Living In France
    Cost of Living in France may depend from city to city and the way of lifestyle a person desires. There's a variety of accommodation and living in France offered for the students. It is totally dependable on the student which option to opt according to their budget and requirements.
    • University residence :- If a student wishes to opt for the university residence , he is likely to be in a certain advantage as the college campus will be nearby. Interaction opportunities will be high as he may get to interact with different students from different backgrounds and cultures.
    • Private Accommodation :- Many students opt for this option due to privacy reasons and discomfort. Students pay rent accordingly and can even occupy single occupancy or even more. To go for private accommodation, there are some rules and regulations which you need to follow and even complete some formalities and documentation .
    • Home Stay :- To make themselves safe and feel like a family person, many students go for Home stay, where certain owners provide accommodation for the students in their living. French families offer home stay to local as well as international students to provide them with a suitable environment.
  • About France
    With the growing economy of France, it has become a popular hub of education worldwide for the students with nearly 3,00,000 foreign students and it contributes upto 10% of the country's college student population.
    Eiffel tower being the pride of the country's capital ‘PARIS’ , the capital has been awarded as the major city of students for the fourth time in a row. France also has low fee structure, low tuition fee, low travel cost across Europe. France offers high education training and research to the students by their experienced researchers and expert teachers. As France has a developing economy, it experiences the world's sixth largest economy by nominal GDP.
    France relatively has beautiful destination points, educational institutions, culture and national history, historical places etc for the students to look about. It is also a home to the center of art, science and philosophy. There are large multinational corporations like L’Orèal, Airbus, Orange etc.
  • Visa Process of France
    • Before beginning the full process of studying in France, you first should go through with your application process. Once that gets done successfully, you will be the recipient of a confirmation letter from institutions that will grant you a long-term student visa.
    • On completing the fee and other formalities, students will have to appear for the visa interview for the verification of your financial documents and visa at the French Embassy.
    • For your visa application, you should keep your valid passport, photos, offer letter, tickets, language proficiency documents and medical insurance with a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000.
  • Before you leave
    Before finally leaving for France for your education, ensure that the following boxes are ticked off -
    • Make sure you have the complete paperwork.
    • Get a passport and student visa.
    • Keep a list of emergency contacts handy.
    • Keep a Xerox copy of all important documents with you.
    • Open a bank account in France to make it easy for transactions.
    • Confirm baggage allowance with your flight company.
    • Keep enough cash amount in Euros for easy few days.
    • Stay prepared for a cultural switch and learn French.


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