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When it comes to leading global education, The United States of America tops the list, with a major chunk of share in the best Universities as per every major international ranking. Not only is the country very vast, every single state is pretty unique in terms of climate, culture, history and much more studying in USA for Indian students after 12 th is the best option if you want to make a career in the areas of technology, science and management.
In fact, no other country in the world welcomes international students as warmly as USA.
Being the third largest country in the world in terms of size and population, USA is also one of the strongest economies in the world.
The country provides ample options to choose from as per your cultural and academic preferences. But, taking a sensible decision is of utmost importance before you finally decide to study in the US.
The Universities in USA are globally renowned not just for great campuses and research resources, but also act as a great platform to develop an interaction with citizens from around the world.


Following are some of the best Universities to study in United States of America for indian students after 12th, after graduation for even for PhD for that matter
    The academic factors make up for a number of reasons making USA a truly leading destination for taking an international education-
    • In the US, the review procedure of its various educational programmes is entirely independent from the government, and conducted by private associations. They ensure that the standards of scholarship, education and infrastructure are consistently met, which makes the study in USA best destination for Indian students
    • On a global level, USA has the most number of institutes for higher education, but it is the overall education quality that enjoys such an enviable reputation.
    • Great methods of education with overall development with a great environment make USA a great option for multi-faceted courses.
    • Institutions in USA provide advanced facilities, latest research skills and much more to international students even on a graduate level. A lot of research institutes provide ample opportunities to collaborate with their professors which helps in the enhancement of their skill sets.
    • An international degree from USA is a benchmark for a great amount of career options because you get the opportunity in fields which are always hunting dedicated students.
    • As it is one of the strongest economies in the world, the overall standard of living and accommodation costs are definitely a little high. A large number of sources provide financial assistance for such students for this very reason.
  • Why Study In USA
    When the question arises about the quality of American universities and the quality of education there, they are simply one of the best, and there is no doubt about it. To add to it, there are a number of other benefits for students who are studying in the USA as well-
    • If you have decided to study in usa, you will be studying at the world's top universities and institutions.
    • If the field you have chosen is related to any of the STEM fields, understand that your research efforts here will be cutting-edge without a doubt. Experienced faculties and generous research funding are two other integral reasons as well.
    • Colleges in America allow students to work upto 20 hours a week while they are studying, at a part-time job. This helps you cover the cost of studying in usa for indian students (who are a little concerned about the heavy costs) while helping you gain valuable experience as well.
    • A majority of American universities have a very strong alumni network, which can be important when you go into the future for your career.
  • Qualifying Exams
    Here is a brief look at the various qualifying exams that indian students can undertake to study in usa.
    • SAT(Scholastic Assessment Test)
    • TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language)
    • GMAT(General Management Aptitude Test)
    • GRE(Graduate Record Exam)
    • AP(Advanced Placement)
  • Cost of Studying USA For Indian Students
    When it comes to the cost of studying in usa for indian students it takes about $20,770 for in-state public colleges and $46,950 for non-profit private colleges on an average.
    This cost includes only the tuition fees, fee and accommodation only.
  • What We Offer
    When it comes to international education, we help students choose nothing but the best. Our affordable services help students get connected with the different fields of their interest. As your abroad education partner, we bring you a lot of experience with us in the form of professionals who have years of mentoring and counselling the students in making the right decisions about their international education. With our association with some of the world’s most renowned institutes, an inviting career awaits all the students who connect with us.
    Our guides train students in such a way that they become ready to take up the challenge of getting settled in a new country and open up new doors of opportunity for them as well.
  • Living In USA for Indian Students
    The cost of living in the USA depends to a large extent on the location of your accommodation, spending habits and the like. It will always be good to consider a part time job to take care of some of your expenses as you continue studying in USA
    In the USA, there are a number of options for providing modern and safe accommodation to international students as per different requirements and budget-
    • On Campus :- The Hall of Residence on campus is a superb option for students.It will bring a drastic reduction to your travel expenses and overall cost of living in usa as the college buildings will be well within the reach. Also, students get to live with their classmates which is always great.
    • Off Campus :- If the students are more interested in exploring the American lifestyle, then choosing a private place will prove to be more beneficial, apart from the added costs of rent and deposits.
    • Homestays :- Live with an American family, have their meals and share their room is another safe option for students who wish to understand the American culture more closely.
  • About USA
    With more than 4,000 accredited colleges and universities, the USA has been a very popular choice for students pursuing higher education abroad.The support facilities for international students are simply excellent, providing them a number of facilities as well. The country has a very vibrant culture, with warm and welcoming people, which allows the new international students to blend in the new culture with a lot of ease.
    The fields for students are endless, the technology top-notch and a mind-boggling classroom experience are some of the reasons why the US is the USA in international education.
  • Visa Process of USA For Indian Students
    Students should first be accepted by the university or college, after which they can apply for the study visa.
    The entry documents include your original documents of 10th, 12th and even the ones for your bachelors. Other documents include the letter of recommendation, transcripts, valid passports, SOP's, among many others. Also, a lot of students will also need to appear in an interview that is a part of this visa process.
  • Thing to keep in mind before You Leave For Studying in USA
    It is imperative that you make sure about everything being in place when you finally leave to USA for studying. Here are some of the most important ones among them-
    • Important documents(both original and copies)
    • A valid passport with active visa.
    • Offer letter, Confirmation of Enrolment, and even the details of your accommodation.
    • Carry your receipts if you have made any kind of related payments towards health cover, tuition fees and the likes.
    • Carry all the marksheets, certificates and work experience letters.
    • Do carry your credit card, birth certificate, ten passport photographs, and also your international drivers’ license.
    • Any prescriptions for your related medications.
    • A list of important contact numbers, both in India as well as USA.



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