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When it comes to great destinations for pursuing an international education, no list is ever complete without the mention of Canada. Being the second largest country in the world, with a plethora of great instititutions to study in Canadaan inviting destination for students looking for a bright career ahead beyond the Indian borders.
To add to that, the country is home to three of the world’s Most Liveable cities in Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver.
The country has a number of courses on offer, which range
from Undergraduate diplomas to master’s degrees as well.
For any Canadian university, research embodies an important aspect because it plays a huge role with the advancement in technology. It is a peace-loving country with immense industrialization and is one of the most consistent economies in the world.
Population in Canada is less, the resources are more and the technology is cutting-edge, opening up the doors for skilled professionals to thrive in the country.

About Us

When the question arises about creating great futures, My College Khoj Abroad is always there to help you out. As your abroad education partner, there are a large number of advantages that we bring with us. The Institutes which are present on our list are some of the best in operation, and offer a great experience both inside and outside the realms of a classroom.
The Institutes we have associated with make you assured that every student gets enrolled in a campus, and gets an access into every opportunity in the classroom, led by some of the sharpest minds in the profession.


Here is a list of colleges to study in canada for indian students after 12th, after graduation or even for a phd for that matter which providea great combination of course material, exposure and excellence-
  • Canada For International Studies
    Apart from an overall perspective, the academic aspects to study in Canada are plenty as well-
    • The education system in Canada is recognised all over the world. This is because the quality control in education is good with really high standards, providing you the perfect chance to scale your career to new heights.
    • Not only great quality, the education in Canada is very affordable too. This is further assisted by low costs of living and less tuition fee as well.
    • Canada is a pretty safe place to live, with low crime rates and discrimination on race. Moreover, international students are helped by the Canadian people in settling down harmoniously.
    • Because the economy is growing, there is always room for further growth and opportunities. Students can easily work for upto 40 hours in a fortnight, which is helpful to students in getting experience and even earn a living at the same time.
  • Why Study In Canada
    Canada offers a number of advantages to the aspiring students who are looking for a quality education in canada-
    • The country is an appealing destination for quality education. Once educated in Canada, students become the part of a global network they could get in touch any time in their future.
    • With a number of globally renowned institutes, students can get a rewarding job in any institute with a degree from Canadian institutions.
    • If you study in canada, getting the citizenship becomes easier due to added points under their Express entry system.
    • The country of Canada has a separate educational partnership with India, which increases the opportunities for Indian students.
  • Qualifying Exams
    There are a number of qualifying examinations which can be undertaken by students to study in the country of Canada. Every Institution has a different exam that depends on the courses on offer. Here are a few of them-
    • IELTS(International English Language Testing System)
    • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
    • GRE(Graduate Record Exam)
    • GMAT(General Management Aptitude Test)
    • MCAT(Medical College Admission Test)
  • Cost OfEducation in Canada For Indian Students
    As mentioned above, Canada offers a very affordable cost to pursue an education in the country. In most cases, you will need anywhere between C$20,000 to C$30,000 a year in order to cover both your tuition costs as well as living expenses.
  • What We Offer
    There will be no student who will ever be interested in playing with the future. This is where we want to help you with our stupendous range of services, providing access to different sectors.
    Being your partner for international education, we bring with us a vast number of benefits in the form of experienced personnel who provide a new insight to students for international education. Some of the most known institutes have partnered with us to provide an amazing exposure.
  • Living in Canada For Indian Students
    For any place, the cost of living depends on a large extent to the lifestyle, spending and spendings. Canada is one country where you can consider doing a part-time job to take care of a considerable part of expenses while pursuing your education in Canada.
    • On Campus :- Nothing will ever beat being a part of the student community when you are abroad for your studies. It will also help you cut down on the living and travel costs to a large extent.
    • Off Campus :- While this option might be a little expensive, it is a good one if you wish to explore the city life of your new city. Renting a new accommodation will involve some additional costs.
    • Homestay :- There are a number of Canadian families who offer their homestay services for a home-like atmosphere for international students during their education in canada.
  • About Canada
    One of the most important reasons as to why Canada is enjoying an increasing popularity among students is because of its emphasis on research. To add to it, the technology and spectacular infrastructure all prove to be highly beneficial to help in this research.
    In terms of innovation too, Canada has proven to be a great country and has been the home of incubators for brands like Blackberry, SMART boards, IMAX technology and even flat-screens as well.
  • Visa Process of Canada For Indian Students
    For getting a Visa in Canada, it isadvisable that students begin their planning a year well in advance. Applying for an application to study in Canada can sometimes tend to be a little slow, and may require up to a period of 6 to 8 months for processing. For studying in Canada, you will need to apply for Canadian student visa, or a study permit. You will also need a letter of acceptance from your selected Canadian university. To begin the process, you need to pay the application fee, IELTS certificate, photographs, medical certificates, bank statements, and other receipts that prove that you are financially sound enough to pay for your study in canada.
  • Before You Leave For Your Study in Canada
    Before you leave for your studies in Canada, there are a number of things you should be mindful of. Here is a list of such things-
    • Make sure that you have confirmed and reverted to the offer of your selected place.
    • Ensure that you have a valid passport with you.
    • Get done with a Canadian bank account.
    • Purchase travel and health insurance from a good insurance company.
    • Fill up the immigration and other study documents that shall be needed.
    • Keep confirming that you have all the necessary paperwork completed.
    • Medical prescriptions that reinforce the use of certain medications.
    • Keep xerox copies of all the important documents.
    • Ensure that all your electrical devices will work perfectly. If you think otherwise, get an adapter for the same.
    • Never hesitate to get in touch with your educational institution for any kind of a query that you may have.
    • Tally the allowance of baggage with your airline.
    • Ensure that your luggage is perfectly labeled with all your personal information like name, contact details and an accurate address of your institution.
    • Understand that the climate will be different from what you are accustomed to. Pack in accordance with that.



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